Our pvc-alu blister packing machine has very high speed of 45 strokes / minute. It is very easy to operate and further has negligible maintenance. Machine is a combo machine likewise It can pack capsules and tablets. pvc-alu blister packing machine packs pvc alu strips. It also packs alu alu strips

We have vast experience of 25 years. Our qualified and well trained staff is our biggest asset besides high-tech facilities

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out-put chart of model 2150D (150mm x 100mm forming area)
specs of model 2150D (150mm x 100mm forming area)
GA Drawing 2150D

         Out-put chart 2300D(300mm x 100mm forming area)

         specs 2300D(300mm x 100mm forming area)

         GA Drg 2300D

Our machine gives huge savings of money. These savings helps in rapid growth of our customers. Machine saves hard earned money of our customers thus giving competitive edge

Along with tablet & capsule packing machine we also deal in other pharma machines. These are rotary tablet press. Automatic capsule filling machine. Pvc alu blister packing machines. Liquid filling machine. Ointment filling machine. Rotary tablet press and semi automatic capsule filling machine.

Highly trained engineers and technicians manufacture machines.
We calibrate quality assurance instruments regularly. We give our customers best performing tablet & capsule packing machine due to relentless effort of our team.

“alu alu strips” from our machine give very high value addition to our customer. Our customers thus get excellent return on their investment. We have a unique system of training. The end user is trained at our works. Further we customer’s premises.

Our 150 mm track size alu blister packing machine gives output of 1,60,000 to 3,20,000 capsules & tablets per 7 hours shift. 300 mm track size machine gives 3,25,000 to 7,00,000 capsules & tablets per shift.

Customers of Delite Engineers give testimony and refer to other prospective customers. Our customers feel our machine is best among the best. We have never failed our demanding customer. Our customers remain with us and for their further requirements always approach us.

To sum up. Consistent quality.High productivity. Utmost

is what we provide.

Being with Delite Engineers is being with peace of mind


Company Overview

Certification : ISO9001:2008, SMERA Rating SE2B (High Performance Capability & Moderate Financial Strength)
Directors: Dinesh shetty
T A Siddiqui & Girish Sonawala. Employees: 80
Area: 30000 ft.sq
CIN NO: 04-11606 0F 1988-89
SSI NO: 04-18-06269 PMT SSI DT 31.07.90
OPERATIONS: Precision Machining projects for multinational companies. Blister packing machines & change parts for blister packing machines.

Products Manufactured & Supplied

alu alu blister packing machine
alu alu + pvc alu combo Machine
R&D blister packing machine

Products Supplied:-

Rotary tablet press machine
Fully automatic capsule filling machine
Semi automatic capsule filling machine
wet granulation equipments
pvc-alublister packing machine

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